Book Promos

I’m not really looking for much non-audiobook-related voiceover work, but for just for fun I recorded these book promo demos, and I think they sound great. If I record your audiobook, I’ll do one for you gratis, and upload it to my YouTube channel. You can put it on your channel, too, or use it however you want.

If I am not recording your audiobook (say, you already have one, or you’re not planning to do one), but you want me to voice a promo for you anyway, I’d be happy to do so for $50 USD, paid through PayPal.

Book Promo Samples

The Gods Hate Kansas

(Background music credit: “Trophy Endorphins,” by Andy G. Cohen)

Mystic & Occult Arts

(Background music credit: “Assignment,” by BoxCat Games)

Operation Trojan Horse

(Background music credit: “Cylinder Eight” by Chris Zabriskie)

Documentaries and Other Projects

I love collaborating with creative people on cool projects. Feel free to click “Contact” and pitch me your idea. I can be hired outright, or if I really dig what you’re up to, I’ll join in as a partner in exchange for a stake in the end product.

Here’s a demo of me narrating a documentary:

Alien Encounters Sneak TV Documentary

(Background music credit: “No sudden movements,” by rui)