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Do you think your thoughts, or do your thoughts think you? Do your core beliefs about reality –about God, about Humanity, about what’s possible for yourself, other people or for the future of our planet – serve you, or do you serve your beliefs? Are you trapped inside a mental “box” of perceived limitation that impedes your worldly success, that thwarts your spiritual development, and which prevents you from manifesting the very best inner and outer life you can imagine? What would it mean to FREE YOUR MIND?


“This is one of the most clear-headed books I’ve read in years on the subject of real, nitty gritty, get your hands dirty spiritual development.” — Bill Breyer, book reviewer

“Carl Sagan meets Carlos Castaneda meets Richard Dawkins meets the Buddha… Vincent Casspriano, Jr.’s The Simplest Path to Personal and Planetary Awakening: FREE YOUR MIND cuts through all the Traditional religious and New Age mystic mumbo jumbo to reveal a simple step by step path anyone can follow to the attainment of personal enlightenment and the positive transformation of our world. An amazing achievement!” — Esra Free, author of Wicca 404: Advanced Goddess Thealogy

“For Casspriano, remaining a victim of spiritual sleep and energetic exploitation by memes is a complex activity in which we unconsciously invest enormous amounts of psychic energy every day of our lives. Awakening is the product of a simple act of withdrawing that investment, which automatically re-energizes of our minds and lives… Anyone can do this. Spiritual awakening, in Casspriano’s view, may be hard work, but it is not complicated work. The path to enlightenment is really rather shockingly simple. Fall out of love with the dream. Reclaim your psychic energy. Wake up to reality.” — Adam Clark, book reviewer,

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Overall – 5 Stars! * Story – 5 Stars! * Performance – 5 Stars!

“The Mystery History of Halloween”

Where does The Book of Halloween rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

Top ten

Who was your favorite character and why?

It’s full of History, superstition, and strange beliefs that will make you stop and ponder.

Which character – as performed by Oliver Vale – was your favorite?

Witches and little girls telling the future at dinner parties.

If you were to make a film of this book, what would the tag line be?

The Mystery History of Halloween …you never knew about!

Any additional comments?

This is fascinating & Midnight-colored description of the old-world customs that immigrated to North America from Ireland, Scotland, and England sure as a Pointy-Hat-Hag riding a broom-stick. Discover that not only was your grand-mother (and great grand-mother) a practicing WITCH, but that everyone’s was! Everyone who has a drop of Irish or English blood in them, or lived in North America at the turn of the last century, or the turn of the century before that. This new-world is covered in superstitious pranks and practices as thick as a glowing-green-ghostly grave-yard fog. Break out your “Bell”, “Book” and “Candle” and heat up the black iron cauldron and lets get to cooking up some spooky Feasts fit for King “Sam Hain”, Pumpkin lord of the Harvest Festival. A great book if you want to know where all the strange “Tricks R Treats” came from!

Amazon Book Description:

A Vintage medley of spooky fascination and fun for every grown-up who still thrills to the sight of carved pumpkins, straw witches and the eerie promise of a full, golden moon crowning a crisp October night! In Ruth Edna Kelley’s “The Book of Halloween”, you’ll discover the roots of our modern Halloween holiday in the religious and cultural traditions of the ancient Celts, Irish, Scots, Welsh, Britons, Germans and other Peoples of Old Europe, while also catching an enticing firsthand glimpse of how the holiday was enjoyed during the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, in both Europe and America. Filled with Halloween poems, games and tried and true ancient methods for divining the future, “The Book of Halloween” opens a captivating window onto the past of one of today’s most beloved holidays.

What Reviewers are Saying:

This book, originally written in 1919, isn’t very big but gives a lot of information about various traditions related to Halloween, most of them being still practiced at the time the author wrote. Customs and folklore of Ireland and various parts of the UK are mentioned and the Celtic origins of Halloween are addressed. But other influences and other related festivals are also discussed (like Roman festivals or Walpurgis Night). The best thing about this book is that the author quotes A LOT of literature works (some of them of the 19th century, some of them much older) that exemplify in a different, more poetic way the traditions and beliefs that the author just described. Reading this book will give you a really good insight of 19th century folklore (in the British Isles mostly but also France, while a few other places are quickly mentioned) and will offer you some information about the pre-Christian background of Halloween. — Isara, Review

Published nearly a century ago, ‘The Book of Halloween’ is a treasured collection of historical information associated with the origins, customs and superstitions surrounding Halloween and its lesser known counterpart Walpurgis Night (a.k.a., May Eve). Tracing early Celtic, Scottish, Manx, Welsh, English, Briton, and “Teutonic” (i.e., Scandinavian/Germanic) influences, Ms. Kelley presents an amalgamated holiday rooted in pagan influence, co-opted by Christianity, steeped in augury tradition, and subsequently adopted and ingrained into North American culture. — Red Xala, Review

Attention Wiccans and pagans! The Book of Hallowe’en is probably the best history of the Samhain holiday ever compiled. Ruth Edna Kelley really did her homework, and the literal centuries of folklore gathered in this book, from all over Europe and America, is a priceless source of information every person with a magickal inclination should have in their library. — Esra Free, Review

I am crazy for anything having to do with this era, and re-reading The Book of Hallowe’en after all these years was like stepping backward in time and really being there. The accounts are so vivid, it really makes you want to just live now the way they did then. With this book, you could accomplish it. Everything you would need to have an authentic Victorian Halloween party today is right here.— Tara Conrad, Review

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TGAFS-NBC-cover.jpgWhat Reviewers Are Saying about
The Golden Age of Flying Saucers:

Each chapter is written in an exciting “you are there” sort of perspective that paints vivid pictures in your mind, and reads like fast-paced fiction. There are lots of names and dates and facts included in each account, but they never bog you down. The stories are good enough to keep your interest peaked and your eyes moving across the page. — Bill Breyer, Review

This a good compilation of historic UFO cases and a great little reference book. It’s good for the amateur investigator, the student, and as a quick-reference book when trying to recall specific events of famous sightings during various times. — Joseph R. Calamia, Review

The Golden Age of Flying Saucers delivers the spine-tingling suspense and spookiness every ten year old craves, while masterfully capturing a certain nostalgic “gosh-wow” feeling about the 1950s that every parent with ties to that decade can’t help but embrace like a warm, fuzzy blanket. Remember The Day the Earth Stood Still? or Earth VS the Flying Saucers? That’s the feeling. Buy this book now! — Jack Preston King, Author of Missing Time and Other Stories: 13 Sidereal Crossings

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In “No Bad Contact,” noted UFO historian, researcher and author Frank G. Wilkinson applies his sharp wit, piercing powers of insight and observation, decades of UFO research experience, and his own inimitable writing style to explore the implications for earthly human culture of such diverse extraterrestrial topics as the Grey Alien Presence, the likelihood of a faked US Government ET invasion, the Internet as a model for extraterrestrial contact, why people believe in God but not Aliens, possible motivations driving the global governmental UFO cover-up, what ET is really trying to tell us, and more!

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